Browser compatability with KeepIt

Why we recommend using Firefox with KeepIt.

One of the most important components of a web browser is its rendering engine. The rendering engine turns the HTML and CSS code that websites are built with into the graphical representation that we’re used to. When you load the page, the content must be rendered. When an element on the page is changed — perhaps a link changes color when you hover over it or a visitor counter updates — the content must be rendered. When you scroll, a new section of the content must be rendered because you’re looking at a different part of the page

Most desktop and mobile users view the web using browsers built with the WebKit rendering engine. This includes Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Vivaldi. Unfortunately, the algorithm WebKit uses to render content causes the browser to “repaint” (or rerender) more of the page more often than the rendering engine that Firefox uses. This means that as you have more links saved in KeepIt, WebKit-based browsers become exponentially less efficient and will begin to lag as you scroll. While this doesn’t mean you can’t use KeepIt with Chrome or Safari, it does mean your experience may not be as seamless as it will in Firefox.